Hyewon Son
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Farmers have been having trouble maintaining their inventory with an unpredictable and seasonal food supply. Meanwhile, they also want to share the items they will be brining to the farmer's market each week - allowing customers to purchase them in advance. The design case study attempts to find a solution in one week. 


1 week

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Design Question

How might we help farmers who are attending farmers' market with inventory and order management?



Visit to Farmers' Market

I visited University District Farmers' market to address my initial questions. I talked to 4 farmers and 3 customers.  

Initial Questions: 

  • How do farmers keep track of inventory? How frequently? 
  • How do farmers share products with customers? Do they allow pre-ordering?
  •  Are there differences between farmers that I should be aware of?
  • What do farmers and customers value from the interaction at Farmer's market?


Task Analysis

I mapped out task analysis of a farmer managing two types of order: online and call/email. I investigated the pain points of interruptions and transitions between different platforms. The farmer experiences at least 3 switching when trying to manage one order. 



Persona Development

Using the insights from user research, I synthesized two types of personas, Stina and David.  Farmers' needs and goals vary depending on their products, so I decided to give a differentiation to the type of farmers. 




I brainstormed and sketched out a variety of feature and flow ideas focusing on the users' needs I found during research. I decided to pursue mobile device because of its portable nature and enabling prompt update. 


  • User-friendly design for wide range of tech levels
  • Allow editing items on inventory easily and quickly
  • Maintain personal touch
Brainstorming features

Brainstorming features




Wireframe Prototypes

The prototypes below reflect the design goals above and  focus on app flow, components, and features. 

Seamless inventory management system for any type of farmer


Add/Remove Seasonal Items Easily

The app allows farmers to save seasonal item in 'Archive' so they can conveniently add it back to inventory when the season returns.


Efficient Communication with customers

The app allows prompt communication between farmers and customers with pre-customized response and overview of inventory of requested item(s).



Visual Design

The interface design uses a clean style and bright colors to attract users of all tech levels and add delightful experience to inventory management system. 

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If I had more time, I would spend more time on research and ideation to explore different solutions. I want to investigate more on how farmers manage their inventory differently based on product category and update quantity after each market. 

Farmers’ market is an old-fashioned grocery shopping style. I was careful not to eliminate the personal touch between farmer and customer while I was creating this digital experience.