Hyewon Son



Google UX Design Internship

During summer 2018, I worked as a UX Design Intern within G Suite team where I was responsible for designing future state dashboard feature for an unannounced product. I explored and designed an early stage concept for enterprise customers and led UX research and design working closely with a team of UX researchers, designers, and PMs. I had an incredible opportunity to tackle a big and open-ended problem and design a tangible solution at the end of 13 weeks.

Unfortunately, due to NDA I can’t share specific details about my work until the product launches publicly. If you would like to learn more about my experience, feel free to contact me!



Key Takeaways

Embrace ambiguity 🔮

You might not always know all the answers but need to learn how to move forward. Gather resources as much as you can and make assumptions that can be tested with research. Ask questions and reach people outside your bubble to get fresh feedback on your ideas.

Get feedback early 👂

Get feedback often and early in your design process. You should not be afraid to show incomplete or scrappy work as long as you can explain your design decisions. But you should be clear about what you need from the critique.

Be intentional 👓

Always be intentional about color and font choices. You should have a clear reason for using that specific style. Sometimes people get distracted by visual elements that you have not intended to move forward with.

Be influential ✨

The art of influence is important to learn. Having the right ideas doesn’t get you far enough- you should be able to convince others about your ideas by presenting a structured argument and clear articulation.

Team photo

50 shades of blue!!

50 shades of blue!!